Kopanya Women’s Support Group is situated in Eldorado Park in Soweto. We are a Non-Profit
Organisation serving the community of about 500 000 inhabitants. Our programmes are court
preparations for victims of women abuse and child neglect, offering temporary accommodation to victims, early childhood development, rehabilitation of offenders, skills development for unemployed women youth, soup kitchen and training.

Kopanya Women’s Support Group was started 13 years ago by May Kroats, a member of the community. It started as a Pre-School and has now grown into a large organisation.

She saw the need for such services. May Kroats always made use of her own money to keep the organisation afloat. The organisation received no funding since its existence.

Since so many people go through our programmes, a need has developed to strengthen and expand our services. Thus application for funding is forwarded.

Unemployment and poverty are ravaging our area of operation.

Our main aim is to empower our clients to become self dependant. This is done by empowering
them through community development programmes and support.

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