Many people moved to Johannesburg seeking employment and with the influx of people moving
here and our current economic crisis people were retrenched. This caused many informal
settlements to develop as people never returned to their place of birth.

Eldorado Park is a coloured area south of Johannesburg where many families has suffered such
consequence and who now live in informal settlements and depend on social grants for a living.

Kopanya Women’s Support Group saw the need to assist these people.

Our strengths:

Kopanya received awards from the following departments for excellent community service:
Kliptown SAPS
Gauteng Safety and Security minister
Justice and Constitutional Development
Johannesburg Child Welfare
Gauteng Social Welfare Department
The following newspapers give our work coverage:
Daily Sun (13 August 2008 and 20 August 2008)
Eldorado Urban News (07 September 2007, 07 March 2008, 25 May 2007)
The Horison Newspaper (May 2007)

Our weaknesses are:

Since our publicity we received many calls from individuals and organizations needing assistance.
Although we would like to help and share our skills, we do not have the transport and money.

Due to the lack of funds we are not able to cope with the increasing demand in our own area of
operation. Kopanya does not have enough personnel (manpower).

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